Affiliate program

Earn money with Admin 365!

Join our Affiliate Program and make some money! 10% commission from every transaction!
You can offer your customers a reliable and professional remote server support. We deliver more IT security, faster eCommerce and a better server performance.

For whom:

Digital and Marketing Agencies

Software Houses

Consulting Companies


Stable and regular income – you earn on every transaction.

Monthly fees transfered directly to your bank account.

Transparency – good reporting and communication.

Your own offer enriched with the top quality services.

Access to the latest technology.

Marketing materials and regular training supporting sales.

What you get?

  • Reliable and professional support from Hostersi Administrators.
  • Training materials considering details of the Program and our solutions.
  • Access to the vast knowledge base and experts from Hostersi team.
  • Professional technical facilities.
  • Peaceful dream.

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