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If you have any questions about us and our services, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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How can I get quick help in solving issues with my server?
You can buy Promt Support service. It has been created for clients who are not currently using a server management plan and need immediate help in solving a specific issue with their server.
What if I have not bought enough hours of Promt Support?
We will inform you if it is necessary to buy additional Promt Support Time. We will keep working on your issue until the end of your purchased Quick Promt Time. We will continue work immediately after the purchase of additional Promt Support Time.
How can I buy services?
Choose the plan which suits your needs by clicking the BUY NOW button.
Can I get help in choosing the plan that suits my needs?
Of course. We are ready to help you at any time. Please contact us by e-mail, Skype, Live Chat or telephone.
How can I pay for the services?
Secure payment can be done through PayPal.
How is the billing period calculated?
The billing period starts from the day when you buy any service for the first time. This period covers one month. For example, if you buy your first service on the 15th day of the month, your billing period will always be from the 15th to the 14th of the following month.
Is the fee for the following billing period automatically charged to my credit card or PayPal account?
No. All payments must be done individually. Information about your next payment date can be seen in the Client Area. You will also receive an email reminder.
What is Response Time?
It is the time of our reaction to your issue. It is counted from the moment you contact us about an issue till our first response.
What is Solution Time?
This is the total time that we need to solve the issue reported by you. It is counted from the moment of our first response to your notification till the time we finish working on your issue. This time also includes Support Time.
How can I notify you of a specific issue?
We can open a ticket on your behalf, just contact us by e-mail, Skype, Live Chat or telephone.
Which operating systems do you support?
We support all operating systems, not just Windows and Linux. If you use a different system, please contact us for personalized support options.
Can you manage servers outside the EU?
We can manage servers located all over the world.
Where is the headquarters of Hostersi?
The headquarters is in the European Union, in southern Poland, in the city of Rybnik.
How can I get in touch with you?
We have several communication channels including e-mail (, Skype, Live Chat and telephone.
What are your business hours?
We are at your disposal 24/7. Some communication channels can be temporarily unavailable but there is always at least one way to contact us immediately.

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Hostersi is a reliable partner, which has coped with high claims of technical our multimedia services.


Kamila Kwaśniewska


On the basis of very positive experiences gained during cooperation in server management, we did not hesitate to choose HOSTERSI as a partner.


Marcin Radziwoń

During the realisation of all the orders, Hostersi showed a high level of engagement and proficiency in their approach to clients, and above all, reliability and dependability in action.


Arkadiusz Seńko

Red Sky

A very important advantage is Hostersi's quick and expert technical support.


Mr S. Górkiewicz

Internet Services Chief

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