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Get familiar with our main services with which we create server management plans

Amazon partner
As a certified partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) we deliver high available global hosting services based on cloud computing solutions.
Our self-designed hosting solutions are tried and tested, scalable and adaptable to your current needs. We know exactly how to migrate the data and manage the cloud so its performance was as high as possible.
Cloud Computing Integrator
We are a cloud computing integrator. Our team consists of highy experienced professionals specialied in consulting High Availability (HA) Infrastructure solutions, based on different clouds, specially Amazon Web Services.
We know what needs to be changed in order to reduce costs of resources maintenance. Our solutions are trust and tested and provide service continuity. Moreover, we are fully prepared to design infrastructures that scale accordingly to the current traffic.
EU Based Support
We operate from our headquarters in Poland, in the European Union. We hire the best European professionals and specialists. Our activity is subjected to the strict legal norms of the European Union, connected with the quality of provided services, corporate social responsibility and protection of privacy.
Server Monitoring
Each plan includes monitoring, which constantly works to detect abnormal activity on your server. Hostersi connects monitoring with server management solutions, therefore failures are not only detected but also resolved. Our flexible plans allow you to customize our monitoring solutions to your needs. You can decide which types of alerts we resolve automatically and in which cases we will wait for your specific notification.
System Updates
Our professionals are constantly working to apply all necessary updates to the operating system and control panel. If a system restart is required, we plan it together with you. Therefore you can be sure that the updates are always on time.
Initial Server Security
We secure your server from unauthorized access using cryptographically encrypted protocols with 2048-bit Key and multilayer access controls.
Support Time
We are ready to solve any issue connected with server management. Each of our Server Management Plans differs in contractually guaranteed reaction time to reported failures leading to problem solution - from 2 to 4 hours. Although in practice we intervene immediately.
Response Time
One of the biggest priorities for us is to shorten response time. Currently our average response time is 0 h 7 min. We guarantee that regardless of the time of notification we will respond within the time stated in your plan and if not we are ready to give you back your monthly service fee.
In order to increase the safety of your data, you can use Backup service at the Hostersi Data Center located in the EU. For maximum security, the backup data is additionally coded with a 512-bit key. It guarantees fast recovery of data in case of any break-down.
Additional Support Time
Our plans are designed to include sufficient support time for most clients' needs. However, if for any reason you need additional support time, you can easily purchase more.
System Migration
If you need to transfer your data from one server to another, then our System Migration service will be the perfect solution for you. This service offers full system transfer and all of its components.
Emergency Support
We offer 24/7 emergency support. Our average response time is 0 h 7 min. We are proud to announce that our average solution time is 0 h 12 min. This is one of the best results on the market.
Quick Support
If you need immediate help in solving a specific issue with your server, but you are not currently using a server management plan, then our Quick Support services will be perfect for you.

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Hostersi is a reliable partner, which has coped with high claims of technical our multimedia services.


Kamila Kwaśniewska


On the basis of very positive experiences gained during cooperation in server management, we did not hesitate to choose HOSTERSI as a partner.


Marcin Radziwoń

During the realisation of all the orders, Hostersi showed a high level of engagement and proficiency in their approach to clients, and above all, reliability and dependability in action.


Arkadiusz Seńko

Red Sky

A very important advantage is Hostersi's quick and expert technical support.


Mr S. Górkiewicz

Internet Services Chief

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